Specialized in dental care for Expats

Tandartspraktijk Rembrandt is the dental office in Amstelveen which is specialized in Expats.

Our vision

Passion for perfection. Dental Care and customer service on the highest level. Dentist Jan Stelzer and his team have a long history of customized treatment and service especially for Expats. To know more about the expertise of Jan Stelzer, check out his Linked In profile or the Facebook site of Tandartspraktijk Rembrandt. On the Facebook site of Tandartspraktijk Rembrandt we already have more than 30 five star reviews.

Key competence:

  • At Tandartspraktijk Rembrandt we permanently invest in the newest innovations and customer satisfaction.
  • We can offer you regular dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implantology and high tech treatment planning. Our team of oral hygienists will help you to get a healthy and beautiful smile.
  • At Tandartspraktijk Rembrandt you can communicate in different languages with our professionals. We speak English, French, German, Dutch and Arabic.
  • Appointments are also possible in the evening hours and at Saturdays.

Get in contact

In case of emergency you can call us: 0681653365. If you have any questions send us a mail: info@tandartspraktijkrembrandt.nl.

Or contact Chantal Stelzer personally: c.stelzer@tandartspraktijkrembrandt.nl / 0653732141. Chantal Stelzer is partner and managing director at Tandartspraktijk Rembrandt. For more information about Chantal check out her Linked In profile.

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